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stars for eyes //

Mixing random thoughts, moments from life, and the occasional cat noise, Stars for Eyes is meant to be listened to as raw, real, sometimes awkward, and sort of abstract auditory art. A lot of people are managing to get themselves heard these days. Why not me? Why not you?

SFE is a listener supported podcast. Visit the Patreon Page to show your support and have your voice heard.


3 // Burn Your Color Wheel in Effigy

This episode has me waxing philosophical about happiness, talking about how artists reveal themselves, creating my own color wheel (and language) and recounting some childhood memories spawned by Netflix recently adding The Real Ghostbusters to their streaming catalogue. By the way, I may or may not have gotten some weird mold spore disease so I'm still stuck with a sick voice. And if you'd like to avoid the last (probably) of the Audio Abstract series, hit your 15 second button about four times when it starts. ;)

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